SheltonEllen Morris
SadieKaren and Fiona!
TinkerbellLaura Syria!Spokesmodel 
StellaElizabeth Beck
RutherfordThe Beaven's
WagnerSharon Gilley
VenusMorgan Porter!
WinstonAngela Davis!Sanctuary
WolfgangSusan BlackmonSanctuary

2018 Secret Santa
Dogs NameSecret Santa Sanctuary/Foster

AriesSharon GilleySanctuary
Ava GreyLaura Syria!Sanctuary
ArchieMaureen King
AvaThe Hoffman's
BambiAshley Farris!
BrownieThe Hoffman's!Sanctuary
BridgetteCate Hunt
Mr ChubbsMegan Porter!
DaisyRoberta Bennett
EllieDeirdra WaggonerSanctuary!
EdithLeanne KerstenSanctuary
Evan WilliamsLeah Miller !Sanctuary
Ginger Snap Stacie-Houghton
HeatherMelani WellsSanctuary
JupiterShannon Fuller
KokoValerie HeyningenSpokesmodel
KatherineApril Gassler
KendrickLane Anthony!
LouiLeanne Kersten!Sanctuary
MonteAshley Farres
Mimi Sharon Gilley
OtisJanice Waters!Sanctuary
PheobeLaura Launius
PetuniaApril Cliche
PiaLaurie Sordelet
Ruby RedMarie Bowman!
Rocky IILouise Brill
Rita HayworthLaura Syria!Sanctuary
SpiceCathy Rudisill
SugarCathy Rudisill
SassyDorothee Kinney
SamuelSusan Blackmon!
Mr SammieHeather Finn

Carolina Loving Hound Rescue

Now that you have chosen your Dog it is time to shop

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Re-Home- Retire 

2018 Secret Santa is Here

Secret Santa is a Huge Hit for our Fans and our Dogs each year! If you have not participated let me explain how this works.

  1. Choose a dog you wish to send a Secret Santa Package to
  2. Check out our Amazon Secret Santa list for ideas or to shop
  3. If you do not see anything you wish to buy and want to do your own shopping, please do so as well
  4. ​ Please note that this is the time of year we buy new bedding for all dogs and replenish all old toys
  5. . Some Fans leave it up to us and simply send a Donation or buy Amazon Gift Cards
  6. ​Please do not participate unless you are planning on sending your dog a package
  7. If you wish to make a general package donation for all dogs you may also do that :) 

Once your Dog is assigned to you, shop away! We open boxes and start sorting the packages by dogs name. We do not deliver the packages to the fosters until the week of Christmas at which time we will post photos. THANK YOU so much in advance...

If you do your own shopping and are not using the List, please send me an e-mail so I can send you the mailing address for the dogs you have chosen!