Hello, we are Sugar and Spice.

We were rescued by Carolina Loving Hound Rescue the 1st of November 2018. We have been to Foothills Animal Hospital for Bloodwork and we have our shots. We are Heart Worm Negative, thank goodness as we truly do not need any additional issues. Hopefully there will not be any surprises once the blood work comes back. We are both 6 years young hand have lived without our front limbs but with limited capacity. We have never been outside to smell the grass. We have never been for a walk, we have never sat for ice cream in a park. We want all of that and more and we would love nothing more than to have our Chairs before Christmas.  Once we have wheels we can feel the sunshine, we can go on walks, we can be part of the other rescues here at Casa Loving and we might even find a forever home. Please help us make our Dream of walking come through! 

This page is to ask all Dachshund Lovers and CLHR Lovers to help us with our Wheel Chair purchase.

After some research and many communications with various manufacturers, we have decided that we will go with Eddies Wheels in MA. We have several of their rear leg chairs and we know the quality and support from Eddies is above par. With that said, they are not cheap.
I wanted to drive to MA and have them fitted in person but financially that is not an option. So when we take both girls to Dr Kennedy this week we will measure them and video them for the designers at Eddies.

These girls need a Wheel Chair as they have no front limbs. Those chairs are not as easy to make and are much more expensive than rear wheels. Ad the fact they are Dachshunds and need specific modifications due to the proper spinal support that adds even more cost.
The Company is giving us a 10% discount on each chair and accessories but the cost is still pretty significant.
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So here is our Goal! Each Chair will be $525 after adding all modifications and padding. So we need to raise a total of $1,050 for the Chairs!

Each Girl will still need to be spayed and start Acupuncture and Laser Treatments to assist with back discomfort. If you wish to sponsor a session please do so. 

I will keep this page updated on everything Sugar and Spice so along with Facebook check back here Often! 

THANK YOU for your support and THANK YOU for believing in us......

Sugar and Spice

Carolina Loving Hound Rescue

Re-Home- Retire 


You are AWESOME....

Sugar and Spice will have WHEELS!!!!!!!!!


Current Donors 

Susan B       $  20

Dana M        $100

Carol. W.      $  10

Jennifer W.   $100

Sharon N.     $20

Beverly F.     $10

Jonni G.       $100

George P.    $50

Krista A.       $20

Anonymous  to you but an ANGEL to us   $525

Leanne K.    $100