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Carolina Loving Hound Rescue



                         "What You Need to Know BEFORE You Adopt"

Carolina Loving Hound Rescue is a labor of love for us.  Each and every dog that comes into the rescue will hopefully be placed into a PERMANENT FOREVER home.  Many of these dogs have suffered much at the hand of a human and it is our commitment to each hound that their suffering is finally over, they will finally be loved.

Before you adopt you need to know that we have limited if any information on each animal in our rescue. On occasion we have some history, overall the bio and observed behavior is what we have witnessed while in our care. We cannot guarantee the behavior once placed into your home as each animal will adapt to their new environment, some personality traits may show up that we did not observe. We do our very best to get as many details on each animal as we can.

If you are looking to adopt a puppy please keep in mind we did not breed them, we have no idea about who or what the parent is or could have been. Unless we know, we will not guess. Again, we do our best to determine what size the animal may be. There is no guarantee if the pup looks small that he or she will stay small when an adult. We also do not know the temperament of the parents..again, we rescue mainly from Kill Shelters!

The hound group includes many dogs like the Black and Tan Coonhound, the Bloodhound, the Treeing Walking Coonhound and the little Dachshund.  They each have their own particular traits and some will have behaviors from their previous life. Black and Tan Coonhounds will grow to be large dogs. A high fenced in yard in the best place for them. 
If you cannot provide this, a commitment to regular exercise is imperative. The Bloodhound will need the same kind of environment to ensure their safety. A dog that roams free will inevitably meet with disaster.  The Black and Tan Coonhound, the Bloodhound and the Treeing Walker Coonhound have very distinctive "bays" and they enjoying voicing their opinion.  While not a nuisance, it is a very distinct sound. Research the breed before you put in an application...also keep in mind that most of the time we do not know the history of the dogs, all we know is what we observe during their stay with us. Most were not perfect when they were placed into kill shelters and still need work. Unless you are willing to continue the hard work we have put into these dogs, you may not want to adopt an adult. Improper training of a puppy will also make for a troubled teenager..adopting an animal is a life time commitment and should be entered as such!

Dachshunds are almost a breed of their own! 

These little guys believe they are larger in stature than their actual size, are fearless and are very vocal dogs. Dachshunds can also be quite stubborn however, their loyalty and devotion is worth a little stubbornes.  We at Carolina Loving Hound Rescue encourage you to do a little background reading on the breed of dog you have chosen to give a second chance to.  Give us a call with any questions - we want the adoption experience to be a good one for both your family and your new family member .We invite all adoptive families to join the Carolina Loving Hound Rescue family.  We are a devoted group and look forward to updates and photos of your family member.

All of our animals are socialized with other animals. Most live in homes with both small and large dogs and some with cats. We will not know how the animals will get along with yours until we have a meet and greet. 

 If for ANY reason you feel that the adoption is not working out the hound MUST BE RETURNED TO CAROLINA LOVING HOUND RESCUE.  This is non negotiable also.
All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, current on vaccinations and on flea/tick and heart worm preventative.
Please do not ask us to adopt a hound out without being altered.  

Your adoption fee is non-refundable. There is no trial period, or test period that exempts you from that. We put in hours of work and tons of money into these animals and the adoption process. If you are returning your animal even after 24 hours you have just donated $250 to our rescue. So please make sure you are ready to put the time and energy into your new animal. They are going  to need time and patience to adjust to a new home.