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Carolina Loving Hound Rescue

December  Sponsorship

Sponsorship for One Month is $90 per animal and Therapy Sessions are also $90. Tinkerbell , Samuel and Evan are finished with Weekly session and are now going once a Month for Acupuncture and Laser only. This is to help with back pains and leg pains.

When you take a 16 year old out of a shelter you do so knowing you will not have another 10 years with this dog. When you take an emaciated, tumor riddled neglected dog at that age you pray for just a little while with them.

You hope that you will be able to gain their trust and make them comfortable enough both mentally and physically so they may enjoy the last stage in their life. Sometimes it is a week, other times it is a few years and in Sassy Jackie’s and Steweys case it was a few months. 

Sometimes, we come across a hound that is very special.  A hound that has suffered much at the hands of humans. They come to Carolina Loving Hound Rescue for their second chance.

A sanctuary hound may have an illness that requires special medication and diligence for an illness contracted out in the world.  They may be very old.  They may have behavioral issues.  These hounds are special, even though many label them "un-adoptable".

We at Carolina Loving Hound Rescue have a special place for these hounds...right here with us.  Once the director, Angela Gschwind, makes the determination that a hound who has been pulled into the rescue has these special needs...he/she is home.

Carolina Loving Hound Rescue currently has several  sanctuary dogs, Anastasia, Willa, , Luke and Hannah. Each with their own story. Each abandoned by the people they trusted...none made it on a Euthanasia List...all were heading to a death without hope at a better life....until they came here....(stay tuned for their individual stories)

Please note that this program is not a fix it for Owner Surrenders:) Dumping a Senior or a sick dog at a Kill Shelter will result in the said animals put down! 

If you have a Senior and you think you are doing them a favor by dropping them off at a shelter, think them the dignity they deserve in their Senior Years...they have earned it... If you are faced with having to euthanize your Senior and you can provide proof of vetting and veterinarians confirmation that your animal needs to be put down but cannot afford to. E-Mail us. We may not be able to help everyone, but we will be able to help some. The death in a cold shelter without the parents that have loved them for 12 + years should never happen due to lack of funds. 

As much as we would love to help every Senior or animal deemed un-adoptable, we cannot. But we do take the best care possible of the ones we have. Our sanctuary animals have to be fed, housed and taken to the Veterinarian on a regular basis, this is not cheap, yet another reason we can only take in so many at one time.
If you would like to sponsor one of these special babies for a month let us know. Sponsorship includes, food and monthly preventatives for i.e. Heart guard Plus/Advantix Plus, specific prescription food, heart medication, incontinence medication, diapers, additional monthly medication and or syringes as needed.

They might be safe and in our homes but we still have to pay for upkeep. Without the continued support of some of our most dedicated supporters we would not be able to continue pulling Seniors and medical cases.Type your paragraph here.

 Winston (Dachshund)$90Sponsored! Thank You Jen H. 
Aries (West Highland Terrier)$90Sponsored! Thank You Mausa!
Heather (Chi)$90Sponsored! Thank you Judith W.
Ellie (Beagle)$90Sponsored! Thank you Janice W.
Shirley (Black and Tan Dachshund)$90Sponsored! Thank you Lee S. 
Evan Williams (Walker Hound)$90Sponsored! Thank You Linda C.
Sammy (Chi)$90Sponsored! Thank you Elizabeth!
Suzie Q (Beagle)$90Sponsored! The Wells Family!
Lucy (Beagle)$90Sponsored! Thank you Leah M.
Magdalena (Beagle)$90Sponsored! Thank you Julie F,
Brownie (Dachshund)$90Sponsored! Sondra M.
Adeline (Dachshund)$90Sponsored! Thank you Melissa H.
Ava Grey (Dachs Mix)$90Sponsored! Thank you Holly W.
Tucker (italian Greyhound)$90Sponsored! Thank you Julie F.
Sugar and Spice  Acupuncture and Laser!$90Sponsored! Thank you Elizabeth!
Tinkerbell Acupuncture and Laser!$90

Sponsored! Thank you Jen H.